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Hello, my name is Adrian

Adrian Mejia

Who am I? I'm a software and electronics engineer, full-stack web developer, author, blogger, introvert, Spanish/English speaker, traveler, originally from a beautiful island in the Caribbean: Dominican Republic. Currently, I'm a Software Engineer at Google in Boston, USA. I've written a book about the MEAN stack for Packt Publishing. Also, I a wrote a book about Data Structures & Algorithms Explained and Implemented in JavaScript . I hold a MS Software Engineering from Roschester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York and a BS in Electronics Engineering.

My purpose with this website is helping people to learn new technologies. You can find tutorials about frameworks, scaling websites and how-to guides. There's a ton of information out there already, but it is often hard to find and follow. This site tries to fill this gap. You can also find series of guides about topics and books. Video tutorials are coming soon!

During my 13 years of professional experience, my journey has had some turns. It started with Electronics Engineering, designing electronics systems and programming them. Slowly, I was getting more and more involved into the Software aspect. Finally ended up focusing mostly on Web Development. This journey hasn't finished yet, looking forward what new endeavors awaits ahead!

I'd love to hear from you, drop me a line here!

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