Installing Git in Windows is not as straight forward as in a *nix machine like Linux and Mac. This guide help you to get started quickly.

You will need the following tools:

Setting up Putty

  1. Unzip the folder. 
  2. Generate the ssh key using the PUTTYGEN.EXE from the putty folder. After genete it, click "save private key" to save the *.ppk

Setting up Git / TortoiseGIT on Windows

  1. Install msysgit
  2. Install TortoiseGit
  3. Config TortoiseGit: do right click and in the contextual menu: TortoiseGit -> Settings -> Git -> config (set your name and password)
  4. Set remote git server: Settings -> Git -> Remote. Fill it up with your Git server info (e.g. Github, Google code, ...)