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Creating Custom AngularJS Directives for Beginners

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Directives are the most important concept to understand in Angular. This framework relies heavily on them to teach the browser new HTML tags. Directives are a powerful tool to create reusable web components. Directives not only could be defined as new HTML tags but also as attributes, CSS classes or even HTML comments. Angular comes with many built-in (core) directives that offer numerous functionalities to your web applications right away. Furthermore, it also allows us to define our own through custom directives. We are going to focus on the later.

How to Scale a Nodejs App Based on Number of Users

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Massive success is the best that could happen to any application. However, it could be a blessing and a curse for developers. Dealing with downtimes, high availability and trying to scale to the new number of users. One of the most dreaded questions is: ‘Would that scale?’. The following is a guideline on how to grow the web applications as the number of users grows. Scaling an application too early is more painful than beneficial. This guide provides a way how to start simple and scale as the number of users grows.

How to Build Scalable Apps in 2016?

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Scaling application is not an easy topic to cover in one post. So in this first post, you can find “the mindset” to build scalable apps using the 12-factor principles. In the next post, you will find more down to earth examples one how to scale based on the number of users.

The Twelve steps are a compilation of guidelines to ensure apps can scale up without significant changes and tooling. These are very suitable for cloud platforms and continuous deployment. Furthermore, these principles are language agnostic, so it will work with any framework.

Grunt JS Tutorial From Beginner to Ninja

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Sometimes you find yourself doing the same tasks again and again, especially during web development. It is time to automate repetitive tasks and use that time in more creative activities. This is where Grunt comes in. Grunt is a popular task runner that runs on NodeJS. It can minify CSS/JavaScript, run linting tools (JSHint, JSlint, CSSlint), deploy to server, and run test cases when you change a file to name a few. All the information I found about Grunt and similar Javascript test runners were too verbose and not very helpful to get started quickly. So, I decided to make this tutorial.

How Company X Make Money?

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Have you ever wonder how the companies that offer free services make money? Such as Instagram, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Maps, so on… or if it is even profitable to keep free users using their services. We would go through several revenue models and hopefully, it will throw you some light next time you decide to roll your own startup.

Cheap Airplay Receiver With Raspberry Pi

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I got excited about the idea of having a Raspberry Pi. It is in essence one of the smallest complete computer that you can get for $35 bucks! Ok, after I got one I had to do something useful with it… So I make it a Airplay receiver to play music remotely from any of my apple devices!

Algorithms for Dummies (Part 1): Big-O Notation and Sorting

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After being developing software for a while, I realized that there is a couple of ways to become better at it. One it’s through your experience: writing code, working on projects, getting hands dirty… Other one it’s learning algorithms and design patterns. In other words through leveraging the experience of other computer scientists. Learning to use algorithms efficiently can instantly add to you the equivalent of 10 years of experience or more. Let’s get started and add new tools to our arsenal!

Backbone.js for Absolute Beginners - Getting Started (Part 1: Intro)

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Backbone.js is a JavaScript library, among many others, that is gaining special attention in the web development community because it’s ease of use and the structure that it provides to JavaScript applications.

Notice that BackboneJS is not a framework but a library. The difference is who is in control. Using a library YOU are in control, but using a framework there is an inversion of control: the framework calls you. Libraries give you a lot of flexibility, while frameworks has opinionated ways of doing things but can save you writing boiler plate code. Follow my AngularJS tutorial series for a framework solution.

Let’s dive into BackboneJS! and see how this flexible library can bring order to your Javascript!

Instagram Mobile Design Secrets Revealed

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Instagram is a very nice iPhone App. It allows you to give effects to your photos easily. Additionally, it’s blazing fast to upload your photos, and share them in other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and/or Foursquare.

This app went from 0 to 12 million users in just 12 months! And today 30+ million users in less than 2 years. Go through the slideshows bellow and you can see why. This app has some design features that that improves a lot the user experience. One of them, it’s responding to the user actions instantly even though the task is still performing in the background…